Back on the track with ZEISS AT LISA tri toric

Patient Spotlight

Average cataract patients are often in their 70s, usually retired and enjoying a slower pace of life. Mr John Lowry, 72 from Buckinghamshire, is not your average cataract patient.

As a keen racing driver in his spare time, Mr Lowry often enjoys track days in his car at Silverstone with his son. However, a deterioration of his sight threatened to put a stop to his passion, as he faced the possibility that he may never be able to race again.



Mr Lowry described how his sight was affecting his passion for racing: ‘This was agonising for me; the deterioration of my sight had forced me to stop driving my racing car completely at the age of 71.’

After 2 years of research in collaboration with his consultant Kay Manuchehri of Spire Harpenden Hospital, Mr Lowry decided to opt for a refractive cataract procedure with a ZEISS AT LISA trifocal toric lens.

The AT LISA tri toric 939MP is a fully preloaded trifocal toric IOL for precise astigmatism correction. With the ability to correct sphere, cylinder and associated Presbyopia, the ZEISS AT LISA tri toric lets patients experience True Living Vision; offering optimised near, intermediate and far visual outcomes. The lens also offers improved night vision, excellent stability and centration and is fully preloaded for MICS 1.8mm incision.

Now at 72, Mr Lowry has successfully had the ZEISS AT LISA tri toric lenses implanted and is back behind the wheel, achieving lap times that had become impossible before his surgery.

‘My eyesight is astonishing; I can read the bottom line on the eye charts at far and intermediate distances, along with the smallest print in ‘test books’ with ease. On the track I can focus with complete accuracy on braking signs hundreds of yards away whilst travelling at 180 mph, before instantly refocusing on the dashboard. ZEISS and my consultant Mr Manuchehri have given me back my passion - being back on the track.’

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