Learn what to expect from your training session with ZEISS


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) that participants might have before a training session on a medical device can include:

  • Please see the objectives for each product.

  • There is no pre-requisite, however we do ask staff to complete the ZEISS Academy e-learning specific to the product being trained on in advance of the session. Please see the guide

  • Training will be arranged at the time of installation and is provided on the same day as installation. This will allow you to use your new device the day it arrives. For additional training a suitable date will be arranged.

  • We strongly suggest all participants complete the relevant ZEISS Academy e-learning modules in advance of training. Please see the guide 

  • Yes, we actively encourage every participant to have hands on with the device to ensure they are competent and confident.

  • All our trainers have clinical experience using our devices and are trained to the highest standard to deliver your training.

  • All participants have access to our free ZEISS academy e-learning, resource packs for each product are available via the QR code on all new products.

  • Our hands on training does not have an assessment, however all staff will have the opportunity to use the device, Our ZEISS Academy e-learning provides further certification courses.

    ZEISS Academy e-learning

  • At hands on training all participants will receive certificates on completion of our training feedback survey. After completion of any of our ZEISS Academy e-learning modules participants will receive a certification certificate.

  • We actively encourage questions and interaction throughout training.

  • Please see terms and conditions.

  • Please book additional training using the CATs booking form here

These FAQs help participants prepare for the training, understand its scope, and make the most of the learning experience. For further questions related to training, please email our training team on training.med.gb@zeiss.com.