ZEISS are proud to be hosting a breakfast seminar as part of the Autumn 2022 SBNS Meeting at Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre.

We invite you to enjoy a buffet breakfast from 07:45 in the Main Lecture Theatre - Circle Hall, before joining our talk led by Mr Ryan Matthew (Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon, University of Leeds & Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust). Full session details are as follows:


Novel & Emerging Technologies in Surgical Oncology

Technology and innovation has the potential to impact patients along the whole brain tumour pathway, from early detection in the community, during pre-operative consultation and work up, and into post-operative recovery to maximise functional outcomes and quality of life.

Intra-operatively, the digitisation of the operating room, cross-talk between integrated devices and real-time tissue detection and data capabilities provide huge steps forward in keeping Neurosurgeons informed, maximising resection and optimising functional outcomes.

This talk will focus on technologies that are well established in the tumour workflow, as well as providing insights into emerging technologies, research and future directions.


Mr Ryan Matthew

(Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon, University of Leeds & Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)

Ryan Mathew is Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon in Leeds. Alongside general neurosurgery, he has a specialist interest in meningiomas, gliomas and awake surgery. His research interests include developing and investigating novel glioma models along with biologist Dr Heiko Wurdak, with whom he co-leads the Stem Cell and Brain Tumour Lab Group. He also leads a research portfolio in surgical technologies and devices which encompasses virtual/mixed reality for patient consultation, training and pre-operative planning, machine learning for early brain tumour diagnosis and malignant transformation, and real-time intra-operative tumour visualisation and histology. He is the Neurosurgery Lead for the NIHR Surgical MIC, Surgical Technologies Academy Incubator and RCS Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research. He is a member of the Academic Committee of the SBNS, BNOS Research Subcommittee and a HoloMedicine Association Founding Member. He peer-reviews for a number of journals and grant award committees.

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