By using CIRRUS™ HD-OCT with AngioPlex® OCT Angiography from ZEISS, I am able to understand my patients’ central retinal mischief more accurately. In addition, AngioPlex has brought the highest level of diagnostic and treatment capability to my practice and the patient response has been the most impressive.

Mitchel L. Wess, OD

Mitchel Wess, OD, of Texas, USA, shares his OCTA experience from the clinic.

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Dr. Mitchel Wess, OD, practices in an area where there is a large demographic of senior citizens who are in a higher risk category for ocular disease. Since there are no "specialty" eye care providers in his community, Dr. Wess believes it is important to provide a better means for detecting ocular pathology within his practice. Read more about his practice, his reasons for integrating OCTA and the benefits he and his patients are experiencing as a result. Download the PDF today!