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Optical Biometry

This course helps you elevate the education of your staff and ensure you are achieving accurate clinical outcomes for your patients. The programme will include basic clinical applications of the IOLMaster and instruction in operator technique, troubleshooting common obstacles and how to read the printouts. There will be both lectures and hands-on opportunities to use the IOLMaster.


Topics include:
• Measuring principles
• Tips for accurate measurements
• Overcoming difficult obstacles
• Advanced operator techniques
• How to read the print out
• RCOphth Guidelines
• Getting the best out of your IOL Master
• IOLMaster workshops



Advanced Optical Biometry

This course follows on from the Optical Biometry Course and covers the importance of standardisation, setting up a unit protocol utilising Optimised Lens Constants and formulae. There will be lectures and hands on opportunities to further advance your knowledge on the IOL Master.


Topics include:
• Recap Optical Biometry
• RCO Guidelines
• Refraction refresher
• IOL Master Workshop
• Optical Biometry Update
• Tips and Tricks to excellent measurements
• Lens Constants
• Prior Refractive surgery patients
• Advanced Tips and Tricks
• Case Studies
• IOL designs and options


OCT Acquisition, Analysis & Interpretation

This course helps evaluate your OCT knowledge and ensure you are getting the most out of your instrument. Hands-on workshops, including tips and tricks for optimum OCT acquisition, are accompanied by interactive case study sessions and lectures on post-image analysis and interpretation.


Topics include:

• Basic operation review
• Tips for improving scan quality
• Advanced operator techniques
• Analysis options for each scan type
• Advanced analysis for Glaucoma and Retinal applications


OCT & Fundus Imaging

This course discusses clinical applications of fundus photography and OCT and provide detailed instruction on the operation of ZEISS cameras and OCTs, overcoming common obstacles, and post image analysis. This will take the format of a lectures and workshops, allowing for hands-on demonstration and practice on ZEISS Imaging equipment.


Topics include:
• Anatomy
• Fundus Photography Application
• Fundus Photography Analysis and Interpretation
• OCT Application
• OCT Analysis and interpretation
• Imaging Masterclass
• Hands-on workshops
• Case Studies discussion


OCT, Fundus Imaging & Perimetry for Glaucoma

This course provides presentations on early detection, optic nerve analysis, retinal nerve fibre layer analysis and visual field analysis using ZEISS Fundus Imaging, Visual Fields and OCT equipment. There will also be hands-on workshops to optimise practical skills and knowledge.


Topics include:
• Anatomy
• Glaucoma
• Structure and Function
• Glaucoma scan types and glaucoma analysis.
• Interpretation Key indicators for glaucoma Visual Fields and OCT
• Case Studies Visual Fields & OCT
• Future Trends
• Practical Workshops throughout the course

Advanced OCT & Fundus Imaging

This course discusses the clinical applications of OCT, fundus photography and fluorescein angiography, Fundus Auto Fluorescence(FAF) and Macular Pigment Optical Density(MPOD) assessment. The course will provide detailed instruction on applications and operation of ZEISS OCT and retinal cameras. This will take the format of a lecture and workshop, allowing for hands-on demonstration and workshop using ZEISS Imaging equipment. 



Visual Fields

This course is designed to improve visual fields understanding and technique. Presentations will include principles of interpretation, progression analysis, kinetic testing and trial lens selection. Practical workshops will provide the opportunity to demonstrate best practice and individual hands-on experience on Humphrey Field Analyser.


Topics include:

• Visual Pathway & Visual Field Tests
• Guided Progression Analysis
• Additional Visual Field Tests
• Refraction Refresher
• Transposition
• Focimetry and Trial Lenses
• Humphrey Field Analyser Practical
• GPA and Kinetic Testing
• FORUM Glaucoma Workplace
• Practical workshops throughout the day

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