About ZEISS United Kingdom

ZEISS UK - Microscopy, Meditec and Consumer Optics

The ZEISS UK Head Office is located in the heart of Cambridge, after a move from Welwyn Garden City. The Cambridge facility provides an excellent customer interaction centre showcasing the latest technologies from ZEISS.

Our headquarters provides support to the Consumer Optics, Meditec and Microscopy businesses within the UK. We have a strong Customer Call Centre, as well as an on-site repairs facility for Meditec and Microscopy and a customer demonstration area. We also have a third party off-site repair centre for our Sports Optics Division.

The entire ZEISS portfolio offers promising technology that guarantee its partners and customers true excellence. What unites all ZEISS business groups is our high standard of quality and innovation.

ZEISS UK - Industrial Metrology

Our facility covering ZEISS Industrial Metrology is based in Rugby and offers an excellent demonstration centre on site. Our precision solutions are used to aid industries including automotive and aerospace. ZEISS solutions ensure maximum standards of quality wherever high precision is a must.  

ZEISS UK - Vision Care

Based in the heart of Birmingham, the ZEISS Vision Care business is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical goods. Combining ophthalmic expertise and dispensing solutions with an internationally recognised brand, we are dedicated to supporting our customers with the best quality optical products.

Did you know that every second of every day, somewhere in the world, two new people choose to wear our ZEISS spectacle lenses!

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