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reliabilityMADE BY ZEISS

Optical Inspection

Suggested products

Stemi 508

A compact and reliable microscope, the ZEISS Stemi 508. Acquire outstanding images with this fully equipped machine with apochromatic optics.

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Smartzoom 5

A smart digital microscopes from ZEISS, the Smartzoom 5. Effective in quality control and assurance, this easy to use machine allows you to produce excellent reliable results. 

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Measure every characteristic with the ZEISS O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine. Delivering reliable 3D accuracy, this machine simplifies the detection and identification of your sample.

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With fully automatic settings, measuring errors with the ZEISS O-SELECT evaluates the characteristics in line with our business requirements. Evaluate at the push of a button.

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Comet L3D / L3D2

The compact 3D-sensor COMET L3D is a high performance and cost effective solution, allowing you to open up new dimensions for your business requirements.

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The T-SCAN CS hand-held laser scanner allows you and your organisation to set new standards with exceptional performance solutions.

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