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How ZEISS binoculars, spotting scopes and lenses contribute to more sustainability at ZEISS.

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ZEISS Victory SF 32

ZEISS Nature Observation

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Lovers of nature go out to escape from the habitual things of everyday life. They seek closer contact with their inner selves and the special things of the world. Like the birdwatchers who set out to search for the Northern Bald Ibis in Morocco. A bird that is particularly hard to find. For this species is critically endangered. When one finally has the chance to observe several of these impressive birds through binoculars – thanks to patience, experience and the right equipment – it is a unique and unforgettable moment in life.

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ZEISS Binoculars

For more discoveries in nature.

Binoculars from ZEISS have a legendary reputation. A reputation founded over the years on exceptional optical performance, outstanding ergonomics, robust construction and a world of innovations that have constantly expanded the limits of the technically possible. Generations of nature lovers swear by their ZEISS binoculars. Many of them are still in constant use today. Nevertheless, time never stands still. Today, ZEISS offers highest-quality equipment for a wide range of different needs – from special binoculars for observation in the twilight hours and at night to compact binoculars for everyday use.

ZEISS Victory Pocket

91% Light transmission | Asymmetric bridge | Ultra-compact dimensions | Two models available

With the Victory Pocket you have a high-performance pair of binoculars from ZEISS for almost every wildlife-watching situation.

ZEISS Terra ED / Pocket

88% Light transmission | Compact, light and robust | Six models available

Robust, reliable and easy to use. TERRA ED binoculars are excellent value for money, making them the perfect entry into the world of ZEISS.

ZEISS Spotting Scopes

The soul of nature revealed.

On the one side, curiosity and open-mindedness, on the other, high-tech spotting scopes from ZEISS. When these come together, every encounter with nature becomes a unique experience. Nature is always fascinating, wherever you happen to be – in extreme environments like the Antarctic and the Amazon basin, as well as close to your home. Spotting scopes from ZEISS fulfil these demands in a variety of ways – from natural reproduction of colours, the finest rendition of details, outstanding brightness as well as contrast to wide fields of view and breathtaking powerful magnification.

ZEISS Thermal Imaging Cameras

Enhance your observation experience.

With the DTI Thermal Imaging Cameras, ZEISS offers a game changer for night time observation: Whether you are looking for owls, at nocturnal migration or if you just want to observe wildlife without using a disturbing light source. Its ergonomic design and the intelligent arrangement of the control buttons make the device exceptionally easy to use and its operation extremely intuitive.

NEW! ZEISS Trail Cameras

Nature is just a click away.

Monitoring animal movements and behavior can be extremely important for detecting changes in populations and planning conservation measures. Transmitting wildlife cameras provide valuable knowledge about wildlife and their surroundings and can thus promote the protection of natural ecosystems. 

NEW! ZEISS Secacam 7

Cellular trail camera | Convenient installation | Easy maintenance

With its practical front display, the ZEISS Secacam 7 is simple and easy to set up. Once installed, the camera provides you with recordings in unparalleled image quality within seconds.

NEW! ZEISS Secacam 5

Cellular trail camera | Compact design | Light weight

Observe wildlife as undisturbed as possible: the ZEISS Secacam 5 is barely noticeable due to its small size and optimized camouflage capability, so it effortlessly evades prying eyes.


20 × 60 and Monoculars.

A superlative set of binoculars: for 20 x magnification observation without a tripod. The 20x60 T* S offers a convincing performance for bird and nature observation over long distances. Whether you are watching dragonflies in the reeds or birds at a great distance, the Monos are an often undervalued but extremely useful aid to nature observation. Even the smallest details can be seen: nothing escapes their notice.

ZEISS 20x60 S

Binocular with image stabilisation.

ZEISS Monoculars

Small but powerful.


Tailored to meet your requirements.

With the addition of well thought-out accessories you can enhance your visual experience even more. The use of a comfortable carrying strap, for example, makes it easier for you to carry your equipment. The practical accessories have been developed by bird and nature watchers for bird and nature watchers and always put the needs of the user first.

Binocular Accessories

Improved performance.

Spotting Scope Accessories

Unlimited possibilities.


ZEISS Nature Observation

ZEISS actively promotes the conservation of nature and animals. The binoculars and spotting scopes from ZEISS convey a very personal experience of nature and have an excellent reputation with nature lovers all over the world.