Turning a Hobby into a Passion

Join ZEISS Nature Ambassador Toby Carter on his local Birding patch at Frampton Marsh

Toby Carter is a keen birder in his early 20’s, originally from rural Leicestershire. When he was just 5 years old, Toby’s passion for birdwatching was ignited on a trip to Titchwell Marsh RSPB and there’s been no going back since. Now with a BSc in Environmental Conservation, Toby has taken his passion to new heights, birdwatching in countries such as Israel and Sri Lanka. For Toby, “the best feeling is finding that one bird on your patch you didn’t expect, it doesn’t have to be anything rare, just unusual”. Keep up with Toby’s adventures over on his twitter here:

Toby's Birding Binoculars

ZEISS Victory SF

For a pastime where seeing is everything, the optical perfection of Toby’s ZEISS SF 32 binoculars is critical. The SmartFocus concept enables intuitive, precise and rapid focusing thanks to the ergonomic positioning of the focus wheel and a lightweight, perfectly balanced construction for steady and comfortable viewing all day long. Impressively wide fields of view ensure a good overview in unclear terrain and 90% light transmission provides optimal visibility for early starts right through to late finishes. Then there’s the unsurpassed components, materials and build quality that make ZEISS binoculars last for generations. Read more about Toby’s experience at Frampton Marsh below.

The most versatile premium binoculars from ZEISS.

ZEISS Victory SF
SmartFocus Concept

The SmartFocus Concept ensures optimum positioning of the focusing wheel, and it takes only 1.6 turns to focus between the closest focusing distance and infinity. Fast and precise focusing is assured, even after hours of observation.

UFL Concept

The improved UFL Concept guarantees highest resolution and colour fidelity to allow recognition of the finest details in seconds and certain identification of bird species.

ErgoBalance Concept

Thanks to the ErgoBalance Concept, the centre of gravity of the binoculars is shifted closer to the eyepieces. This allows for hours of fatigue-free observation.

Wide Field of View

The wide field of view increases the observable area of interest by up to 20 % in comparison to other binoculars. This offers you the best possible overview for exactly locating the bird your are looking for.

Rediscover the world of birdwatching with the ZEISS Victory® SF. You can experience every spectacle nature has to offer with brilliant optics and an unparalleled wide-angle field of view. Thanks to its light weight, unique ergonomic design and dynamic fast-focus feature, the Victory SF allows for hours of relaxing birding without fatigue. The Victory SF is the new benchmark for birding and wildlife observation in the 125-year development of ZEISS binoculars.

Models available

ZEISS Victory SF 32

ZEISS Victory SF 42

Extremely wide field of view

Thanks to the wide field of view of the ZEISS Victory SF binoculars, birds can be more easily discovered, more precisely identified and the species more rapidly determined.

UFL Concept for more richly detailed moments

The optical system with SCHOTT fluoride glasses delivers optimum resolution and colour fidelity for fast and certain identification of bird species by the finest details of their plumage.

More precision and hours of observation

The ErgoBalance Concept of the ZEISS Victory SF binoculars enables hour after hour of effortless observation. The SmartFocus Concept ensures optimum positioning of the focusing wheel. Fast and precise focusing is assured, even after hours of observation.

Find what you are searching for.

With an extremely wide field of view.

With birds often hiding in dense cover, it’s essential that you have a wide field of view to allow you to spot any slight movements. The wide field of view of the ZEISS Victory SF binoculars increases the observable area of interest by up to 20% in comparison with other binoculars. Depending on the model, the field of view is between 120 m and 155 m, giving the user an impressive overview.

With an extremely wide field of view
Without an extremely wide field of view

The Victory SF family features an exceptionally wide field of view that sets new standards in nature observation.

Confirm all details.

With a true-to-life image quality.

Compromises cannot be made when it comes to bird identification – fine details have to be recognised within seconds for an accurate and reliable identification. The ZEISS Victory SF family was developed to master the most demanding situations encountered in birdwatching. The optical performance was maximised with a UFL Concept. This allows the user to master the most demanding of bird-watching scenarios, ensuring every precious moment is captured with absolute clarity.

With UFL Concept
Without UFL Concept

The optical system with SCHOTT fluoride glasses reduces chromatic aberration, increases contrast and guarantees exceptional colour fidelity.

Hours of focused observation.

With specially designed ergonomics.

To fully enjoy some of nature’s most breathtaking moments, such as the beauty of migrating raptors above a hotspot, one key ingredient is needed above all: time. Long periods of observation are often necessary, meaning the ergonomics of your binoculars are essential. This the reason why ZEISS Victory SF binoculars are constructed with a uniquely ergonomic design. The SmartFocus Concept includes a perfectly positioned focusing wheel that enables fast and precise focusing even after many hours of observation (between 1.6 and 1.8 turns, depending on the model). In addition, the ErgoBalance Concept of the binoculars – with the centre of gravity being shifted closer to the user – ensures effortless observation over long periods of time, giving you more time to experience the many impressive moments that nature has to offer.

SmartFocus Concept ensures precise focusing

ErgoBalance Concept ensures effortless observation

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ZEISS Victory SF

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