ZEISS is excited to introduce the new SFL 30, our compact high-performance binoculars in the practical design of pocket binoculars that, thanks to their light weight, do not add to the load, even on longer excursions.

With a field of view of up to 142 meters at a distance of 1,000 metres and a closest focusing distance of 1.5 metres, the SFL 8x30 deliver a perfect overview combined with precise detail recognition, making them perfect for insects and butterflies, as well as bird identification.

Thanks to expert technical design, the weight of the SFL range is up to 23% lighter than the ZEISS Victory SF models and their size up to 21% smaller. As a result, the SFL binoculars are up to 30% lighter than comparable products from competitors The lightweight yet rugged magnesium housing also enhances durability and longevity – for generations to come.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what others have to say about the new SFL 30’s

The image blew me away, I can’t quite describe what it is but it just seems so bright and sharp. We tried them at dusk and dawn, even at night waiting at waterholes and they were incredible

Ecologist, James Lidster

Optically, they're exceptional - super-crisp, super-bright, and of a standard that is counter-intuitive for a pair of binoculars of this size and weight. Ergonomically, they're another step forward - the now trademark large, easy-to-find focusing wheel barely having to move to do its job, and they're wonderful to handle

Ornithologist and nature-writer, Mark Pearson

I think you guys have really struck a niche with this product. It’s so small and light that you’ll want to take it with you without agonizing over the weight, but it still has excellent image quality, making it just fantastic for traveling.

Dominik Eulberg

This all adds up to achieve an incredibly sharp, bright and naturally coloured image that I really was not expecting to be as good as it is.

Paul French, Chair of the BBRC

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ZEISS Victory SF 8x42
ZEISS Victory SF 8x42
ZEISS Victory SF 8x42
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