April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes and the new deer-hunting season kicks off. In some places, the hunting season already begins in April. The “early” hunting season in spring has a few advantages: for one, the game is especially active – most notably the bucks. The reason for this is that they defend and mark their territory and also need to graze more. On the other hand, vegetation has not yet grown to the point where it blocks the hunter’s view. Moreover, female roe deer are considerably easier to identify than at the start of May.

In addition to hunting skills and good preparation, choosing the right equipment plays an essential role in successful hunting. That is why it is a good idea to choose the equipment according to the conditions of the shooting ground and the preferred type of hunting.

Raised hide hunting

The right optics are essential for successful twilight or raised hide hunting. Excellent twilight performance allows you to extend the last light of the day. ZEISS stands for the brightest, highest-contrast images for a reliable shot deep in twilight. Because not only the location alone is important for successful raised hide hunting.

ZEISS Victory V8 2.8-20x56

The perfectionist with light reserves.

If longer shooting distances have to be “bridged”, which is often the case in extensive field areas for shooting, then a riflescope with high magnification is recommended. The ZEISS Victory V8 2.8–20x56 is suitable for every distance and every hunting situation because of its parameters. Due to the 20× magnification and the standard ASV, it enables precise distance shots – which should of course be made exclusively in compliance with the hunter’s code and animal welfare. 

Its 92 percent transmission means that it offers considerable visibility right down to the last ray of light. In many places, roe deer are becoming increasingly secretive as a result of increased use of natural areas by leisure and recreation seekers and only emerge in late twilight or early in the morning before sunrise. Here, good hunting optics are indispensable for identification.

The difference lies in the transmission

The T* coating accounts for the increased blue sensitivity of the eye in deep twilight and further optimizes light efficiency when required. This is achieved by coating the lens surfaces with extremely thin layers of selected materials. By doing so, the transition of light from air to glass changes, reducing the reflections in the process. Behind it, however, there is no specific formula for building up the layers. Instead, it is a technology that is constantly adjusted to suit new glass materials and requirements, which varies from lens to lens.

ZEISS Conquest HD 10x42

Perfect all-rounder.

Sitting on a high seat with the sun at your back during the early morning hours, you have a clear advantage over game. In this situation binoculars need to provide the highest level of detail and natural color rendering. The ZEISS Conquest 10x42 HD sets new standards with its HD lens system. Compact dimensions, low weight and modern design also enable advantageous ergonomics. This results in an intuitive and simple handling of the optics. The high transmission values are also ideal for observations in twilight.

ZEISS Conquest V6 2-12x50

The all-rounder with 6x zoom.

Those that primarily hunt from a raised hide are best advised to go for a universal riflescope with a wide magnification range and a large-diameter lens, such as the ZEISS V6 2–12x50. The advantage is that the fast all-rounder can also be used for hunting in poor light conditions and even masters longer distances thanks to its 6× zoom and optimally available ASV.

Bock hunting with the Conquest V6

“Unlike any other month, I am drawn out into the wonderful nature in May. At the same time, I start to get that urge to hunt again. Not a real urge, rather a desire or demand. It’s the anticipation of idyllic evenings and magical mornings in my hunting ground.” – Anna Lena Kaufmann

Roebuck hunting is iconic in Europe. Therefore, the premiere days of the buck hunt are often as sacred as Christmas, in many hunting families. Be part of it with our ZEISS Conquest V6.


For stalking game in good light conditions, the size and weight of the equipment are paramount. Pocket binoculars are perfect for this. Higher magnifications characterize typical riflescopes for stalking game – with appropriate twilight performance, these are also suitable for stalking game early in the morning.

ZEISS Victory HT 2.5-10x50

The powerful all-rounder.

Those who prefer to stalk roe deer when the wind is right tend to require a lighter and more compact riflescope. Here, a variable magnification range is also useful. The ZEISS Victory HT 2.5-10x50 is the most versatile riflescope in the Victory HT line. With a light transmission of 95 percent, it still offers sufficient light reserves even deep in twilight.

Even brighter thanks to Schott HT glass

The loss of light on the glass surfaces can be significantly reduced by the T* coating. But despite the improvements achieved by the T* coating, loss of light had to be accepted for better or for worse until a few years ago. A big proporation of light is absorption within the glass. The new generation of ZEISS glasses have one decisive advantage: they absorb less light inside than previous glass materials. That means: They are simply “brighter”. Schott identifies these glasses with the addition HT (High Transmission). Especially in the area of shorter-wave light, i.e. in the direction of blue, these glasses have improved transmission properties.

ZEISS Victory SF 10x42

Uncompromising versatility.

Especially for buck hunting, observation optics are indispensable for identification. Binoculars with a 42 mm objective lens diameter can be used in almost any hunting situation. They impress with their low total weight and ease of use. The ZEISS Victory SF 10x42 provides maximum detail recognition and is perfectly suited for eventful observations at long distances. The field of view of 120 meters (at 1,000 m) provides a perfect overview even in difficult terrain. The ErgoBalance concept enables steady handling despite the high magnification.

About ZEISS Binoculars

The optimized ergonomics of the ZEISS Victory SF 10x42 is created, among other things, through the use of the Schmidt-Pechan prism. The construction of the prism is the smaller version and allows shorter designs. This makes the prism particularly compact.

ZEISS Hunting App

The App for today's hunters.

Stalking game always has something new in store for those practicing it. No other type of lone hunting is more active and dynamic. In addition to the equipment, success is significantly influenced by the weather, the availability of food for grazing, the conditions of the shooting ground, the population density, and the habits of the game. Here, it is an advantage to carefully study the seasonally changing habits of the game by walking your shooting ground, so that you can always adjust to them.

Hunting grounds

Create maps of hunting grounds and manage them from the app or your browser. Conveniently mark important locations on the map and display your current position as a useful aid to orientation in the field.

Weather forecast

Weather forecasts for hunting with information relating to the current location and preferred hunting grounds.


Ballistic calculations matched to your ZEISS riflescope and ballistic reticle/BDC (ASV), including ammunition database with over 7,000 entries.

Hunting diary

Document of all experiences relevant to hunting with information about game and shots, photos, videos and more.


Improved performance.

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