More discoveries in your garden.

ZEISS Discovery Weeks –
1 May to 30 June 2020

There are always fascinating motifs in your own garden:

Whether butterflies on the lavender bush, birds frolicking in the hedge or the details on colorful flowers - nature in our immediate surroundings has a lot to offer. To capture its beauty, you can now get the ideal equipment from ZEISS. Save up to an additional 450 euros on selected lenses and binoculars during Discovery Weeks.

This is how the promotion works:

Purchase one of the selected ZEISS lenses during the promotional period.

Register the lens online and enter the product serial. Upload a picture of the receipt and the label and enter your bank account details.

ZEISS will transfer the cashback refund directly to your account.

Discovery Weeks lenses

Learn more about our Batis, Loxia, Milvus, Touit and Otus lenses. With them, you are ready for every situation, can enjoy complete creative freedom and make your passion for details clearly visible – without any compromises, thanks to the outstanding ZEISS quality.

ZEISS Discovery Weeks - Lloyd Chambers © Lloyd Chambers
ZEISS Discovery Weeks - Lloyd Chambers © Lloyd Chambers

Photography Tips from a Professional: Macro and Close-ups

Photographer and educator Lloyd Chambers from shares his experience in macro photography with you, in a detailed know-how article. His subjects of choice are flowers and insects, mostly photographed without a tripod.

Discovery Weeks binoculars

Discover our Terra ED family of binoculars. With their quality and features in such a compact form, you will gain easy access to the ZEISS world and to the observation of nature.

ZEISS Discovery Weeks - Andrew Alexander © Andrew Alexander

Backyard Birders: More discoveries in your own garden

In the USA, there is already a separate category of birdwatchers who call themselves „backyard birders“. Directly behind the house in your own garden, there is already a lot to discover.

Terms of participation 1) Customers who purchase ZEISS promotional products during the promotional period from 01 May 2020 to 30 June 2020 are entitled to a refund of the cashback amount. Only promotional products purchased during this period from ZEISS authorized dealers and delivered by them, as indicated by the copy of the receipt submitted, entitle customers to participate. 2) A complete list of all ZEISS promotional products and cashback amounts can be viewed on our website: 3) Prior to purchasing one of the selected products, the customer is responsible for finding out whether or not a seller is an authorized ZEISS dealer. A list of authorized ZEISS dealers is available at: 4) Purchases made at the ZEISS online shop are not eligible for cashback. 5) The cashback promotion is handled by our external partner Fulfillers GmbH. Carl Zeiss AG, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 22, 73446 Oberkochen shall be responsible for all other issues that may arise during the promotion. 6) Only consumers over the age of 18 who live in one of the following countries are eligible to participate in the promotion: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Island, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland or Sweden. 7) Cashback requests must be submitted online within 30 calendar days of the purchase date. The date of purchase shall be considered day 1 of this period. Any requests not made within this period shall not be accepted. 8) The promotional rules stipulate that each participant may submit a maximum of three individual requests for a total of three ZEISS promotional products. Only one entry may be submitted for each ZEISS promotional product. 9) Cashback requests made by dealers on behalf of customers shall not be accepted. 10) The cashback request form is available online on the platform of Fulfillers GmbH at To submit a request, you will need to have your personal information and purchase details to hand. This includes: - Proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt that clearly states the date of purchase, the dealer and the participating product; - A photo of the serial number, EAN code and ZEISS ID on the original packaging of the ZEISS promotional product purchased; - Account details for the transfer of the cashback amount. 11) You will receive email confirmation as soon as you’ve submitted your request. 12) If your cashback request is successful, the cashback amount will be credited to your account no later than 6 weeks after your request was approved. No alternative payout options are available. 13) The amount can only be transferred to the participant from a German account in EUR. Due to exchange rate fluctuations at the participant’s banking institute, the precise amount credited may vary. 14) If the cashback request is incomplete or illegible, ZEISS or a company commissioned by ZEISS (Fulfillers GmbH) will notify the relevant customers via email. They will then have 14 calendar days to submit the missing information. If the missing information is not submitted within this period, the request shall become invalid. 15) Fraudulent and manipulated cashback requests shall not be accepted. 16) ZEISS/Fulfillers reserve the right to demand that customers submit an original proof of purchase. In this case, the proof of purchase shall be returned to the customer. 17) Your request will be deemed invalid if the selected ZEISS promotional products are returned to the dealer or exchanged, or if the dealer gives you a full refund in the case of a complaint. 18) If a cashback request is rejected because the conditions of the promotion have not been met, this decision shall be final. 19) ZEISS reserves the right to change or end the promotion, or change the conditions of the promotion, with future effect at any time and without prior notice. This shall not affect any cashback claims already received. 20) The email address for all correspondence is: zeissdi scovery @promotionservice .de Customers are asked to include their individual order number in all correspondence. 21) The organizing agency, Fulfillers GmbH, shall collect and process personal data as part of the cashback campaign, e.g. name, address and account number. ZEISS shall receive anonymized reports for quantitative assessment purposes. After the promotion, ZEISS shall receive the relevant personal data to fulfill the accounting obligations stipulated by Fulfillers GmbH. 22) All decisions are final and there is no legal recourse. The contract shall be governed by German law. 23) Carl Zeiss AG, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 22, 73446 Oberkochen is responsible for the promotion.