ZEISS Photography Repair Service

ZEISS Photography Repair Service

Our service for your lenses.

ZEISS Lenses Photography - Lens Repair - ZEISS Lenses

ZEISS Lenses

(Batis, Loxia, Milvus, Otus, Touit, Classic, ZM Lenses)

ZEISS guarantees for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase that the purchased lens is free from defects in material and workmanship. An extended warranty for one additional year is available by registering the product within 4-weeks of the date of purchase at the ZEISS product registration. The ZEISS manufacturer warranty applies in addition to your legal right to claim warranty towards the seller. This warranty is not transferable.

(Certain regions may permit statutory warranty claims against your dealer that go beyond the terms stated in our manufacturer’s warranty. In such cases, please consult your dealer.)

During the period of manufacturer's warranty, defects will be removed free of charge either by repair or replacement at the discretion of ZEISS. Claims under warranty shall not apply if the defect is attributable to improper treatment, including any interference with the product by unauthorized workshops or persons.

Manufacturer's Warranty Repair    Non-Warranty Repair

ZEISS Lenses Photography - Lens Repair - SONY Lenses

Sony/ZEISS Lenses

(Sold exclusively through Sony’s distribution channels)

ZEISS ZA-mount lenses for the Sony Alpha system, interchangeable AF-zoom lenses on Sony professional camcorders and non-removable ZEISS lenses installed in Sony compact still picture and video cameras are marketed exclusively by our partner, Sony. Service and support for these lenses is therefore provided by Sony. The addresses of authorised Sony repair services in your country can be found in the warranty documents provided with your lens or camera or on the Sony Service website for your country:


Should you have any questions regarding repairs and warranty details for these lenses or cameras, please contact Sony Support directly. ZEISS is unfortunately unable to carry out repairs on these products.

ZEISS Lenses Photography - Lens Repair - Other Lenses


(former ZEISS Lenses)

Legacy lenses and cameras (e.g. Hasselblad, Contax/Yashica, Rollei, Carl Zeiss Jena, Zeiss Ikon AG Stuttgart…) can unfortunately no longer be repaired by ZEISS.

Some independent specialist workshops offer maintenance and repair services for these products. On request, we would be pleased to send you a list of several workshops in Germany and the USA who may be still able to repair your lens or camera (please take advantage of our contact form). Please understand that we have no influence on either the quality of any repairs carried out or the pricing policies of independent workshops. It is also quite possible that the repair of such legacy equipment may no longer be possible due to the lack of replacement parts.

It is also possible that your photographic equipment dealer may be able to recommend service workshops in your region or country for the repair of your legacy equipment.