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The complete Product Catalogue 2014/15 as digital iBook with additonal videos and many more detailed information at your finger tipps.
(iBook 299MB)

For the iBooks version: Either download the file to your computer and perform a manual sync with iTunes, or download the file directly onto your iOS device via WiFi and the Safari Browser.


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Make your day-to-day work easier with an automated lensmeter from ZEISS



Using the ZEISS VISULENS 500 you can speed up the refraction and prescription processes.

The ZEISS VISULENS 500 is equipped with a green measurement LED. It allows you to precisely determine the power of the entire set of different lens materials and designs without the need to adjust the Abbe number. This benefit will add speed as well as reliability to your examination process. In addition, ZEISS VISULENS 500 features an advanced UV transmission measurement system using four different wavelengths (365, 375, 395, 405 nm). The result: increased confidence for your patient and more upselling support for you.

Make your life easier – and increase patient satisfaction at the same time

6 different operating modes are available

  • Standard Mode for single vision, multifocal and prism lenses
  • Tinted Lens Mode
  • Progressive Lens Mode
  • Soft Contact Lens Mode
  • Hard Contact Lens Mode
  • UV Transmission Mode


Measurement wavelength: 546 nm (e line)

Measuring range
Sphere power
-25 D to +25 D
Cylinder power
0 D to ±10.00 D
Cylinder axis
0° to 180°
Addition value
0 D to +10 D
Prism value
0 Δ to 10 Δ
Pupil distance
0 mm to 81.8 mm
Measurement display
0.01 / 0.125 / 0.25 D
Mix, +, -
Cylinder axis

0.01 / 0.125 / 0.25 Δ, Cartesian / polar
Tiltable 320 x 240 colour TFT-LCD
Data interface
Power supply
100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 40 VA
Dimensions (W x D x H)
210 mm x 270 mm x 417 mm
6 kg
UV-Transmission measurement
365 nm, 375 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm

‘Going green’ allows easy and precise measurement of entire sets of different lens materials and indices without the need to adjust the Abbe number. Simply take a measurement and have confidence in the results. Analyse soft and hard contact lenses using the adapter accessories.

Comprehensively analyse lenses for their UV protective properties by measuring UV transmission simultaneously at four different wavelengths between 365-405 nm.

The ZEISS VISULENS 500 provides a 4-pin lens holder for the secure and reliable mounting of any kind of lens. A precise pen-type system ensures easy operation and clear marking of optical centre and cylinder axis.

Further benefits

  • Holder for frames adjustable for a wide range of frame (straight, loop, rimless, nylon)
  • Optional contact lens adapter with precise XY positioning
  • Integrated thermo printer
  • Tiltable TFT display for operator comfort
  • PD measurement
  • Serial data output via RS232 interface
  • Progressive/bifocal lens mode

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